Modern Designs with a Vintage Flair

Our Story...

Since 1992, The Gasworks Factory has pioneered the art of saving and “Re-designing” vintage signage from useless faded dreams from long ago. We then transform them into new life sources that bring new energy into businesses, homes and architectural places. Our signs transform once useless vintage signs of roadside America into a work of art that lives on. These pieces of art demonstrate and bring to life the power of art, form and function into a powerful unity statement that can set the tone and mood of a designed space. 


The Gasworks Factory is just one small shop in the Pacific Northwest, but it is a name that is becoming continually associated with design excellence and we are setting the tone for excellence. We are leaving a positive mark on how the vintage retail design industry should sell things. Our company started taking shape in 1992, when the founder began restoring vintage neon signs for people’s garages, creating custom neon art, along with doing lighting design for the motion picture industry in Hollywood, CA.


By 2000 we found a way to restore vintage roadside Americana and transform current defunct business signs into a green art alternative, other than them going into the great landfill known as progress.


Applying the philosophy of "Power of Being Green", we successfully continued expanding our business concepts in the last few years saving hundreds of the signs from “the companies that could never fail” from going to the local landfills, once again doing our little part to save the world from the cooperate machine and helping the economy in the process. We currently have one of the largest vintage sign and letter inventories on the West Coast, all of which are currently for sale.


We still believe in being small for a number of reasons. For one, keeping our global footprint to a minimum is one of our primary goals and two in today’s questionable economy we want to have the ability to sell items that are priced accordingly.


We still strive to run a successful quality operation and continue to search for innovative ways to further our mission of being green and not only saving the environment, but saving a part of our past, along with our life-long dream of being the best we can be in the business.


We are still trying to develop our brand, which currently features the transforming of rusty America into noir masterpieces. The Gasworks Factory is trying to become one of the most respected vintage sign designer dealers in the Pacific Northwest.


Our goal at The Gasworks Factory is to provide you with exemplary customer service to find the right items to fit your specific space and look. As a family tradition for over 20 years, we have served some of the most sophisticated and particular clients in the classic design industry and we look forward to working you.


Let us introduce you to a vintage world that will let your creativity run wild in the power of expression thru letters, words and signs. We aim to insure that your purchase is completed as efficiently and in as timely a manner as possible.


We will find a look that fits your style and your budget. Call us, e-mail or visit our gallery soon to see what we have to offer. We will offer private showings for the most discerning buyers.