Modern Designs with a Vintage Flair
What We Sell...

We sell signs that are great additions to any Eames Era Mid-Century modern industrial interior design decor. Some of our signs have a Las Vegas flare to them and others have a sup duded Route 66 style from the days be gone. These are great signs form parking lots, car lots, drive inns, movie theaters, motels, diners, restaurants, gas stations and other roadside businesses across America.

We specialize in and are the premier dealer of individual vintage letters in the Northwest.  We have 1,000’s letters in every shape, size, color and condition. We sell letters that are metal, neon, plastic, and wood. These letters came from vintage and modern old ex-neon three dimensional channel letter signs. The letters came from entire building signs that we separated and repurposed. Most of the letters are aluminum metal letters.  All of our letters have a nice patina to them, but are not too rusty and would look nice on any wall. They would become a center piece that would create the tone for the room. Our metal letters can also be easy painted to give them a custom designed look. Vintage letters are the new pop culture home decorating icon. They complement any furniture, collectible, antique, art, and/or vintage memorabilia theme. Letters are the new ultimate design element that adds depth and character to any retro mid-century modern industrial room.

Our signs and letters have been used in business, homes or studios. They are great additions to any great design element. This sign would be a fantastic addition to any retail home, bedroom, store, office, car lot, gas station, café, motel, bank, garage, bar, loft, shop, home theatre, game room, man cave, restaurant, dance club, night club or vintage neon lighting or automotive collection.


All of our signs and arrow that have been restored are in perfect working order. All the bulbs and neon work. All our signs have been rewired and any sockets that were damaged were replaces with vintage hardware. Other than the electrical in these signs, the signs have not been cosmetically restored, so they have many cosmetic imperfections that make them great vintage art pieces. These signs have been brought up to modern electrical codes and could pass UL certification if they were going into a commercial business. All of them come with a 12' fully rated power cord. All of these signs have been designed to just plug into the wall. The signs can also be "hard" wired if the signs are going into a permanent commercial location. We do not sell “working” sign that have NOT been brought up to these qualities.